Deaf Dogs

As a Dog Listener with years of experience working with deaf dogs. It was with Jenny’s help that last year I was able to successfully work with a deaf dog. Applying Dog Listening has resulted in the dog being brought from a wild wrestling mouthing dog, to one that now lives happily in a much larger pack of dogs and is able to be trusted loose inside the house.

Dog Listening with Deaf Dogs :

More and more  often we are seeing deaf dogs.
Whilst I don’t wish to enter into a debate about the reasons why, I can help those (dogs and humans) who are already living with this disability.
In my capacity as a Dog Listener, I am dedicated to educating people  the correct way of communicating with their dogs, using the language their dog instinctively understands, the canine language.

This Language applies to ALL dogs, even deaf dogs!
Just because a deaf dog’s world is silent doesn’t mean they don’t understand their own language.

My two deaf dogs  have taught me a very important lesson.
We talk (the human language) to our dogs way too much.  Dogs do not understand OUR language!

The Canine Language is communicated with very clear, calm and convincing signals (silent signals/silent communication).
Applying the “4” key elements to deaf dogs is no different to applying it to dogs who can hear.

Status:  Who makes the decisions?
Food:     Who provides the food and who eats first
Hunt:     Who leads the hunt (walk?)
Danger:  Who will protect.

I can also teach you sign language to enable you to communicate specific instructions when required, for example:

Good Dog

Over the last 6 months I have been importing vibrating collars from the USA.  These collars are NOT  SHOCK COLLARS The vibration in these collars is equivalent to that of a mobile phone.  This collar gives you peace of mind, by enabling you to attract your dogs attention when your dog is not looking at you.
These collars are water proof, lightweight and include a remote control.

I will teach you how to introduce your collar to your dog and how to use the collar correctly.
Your deaf dog can live a very normal and fulfilled life using Canine Communication and a vibrating collar.

If you have any queries, or would like information regarding deaf dogs, consultations or vibrating collars please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Give your deaf dog the opportunity to live a fulfilled life, without confusion and stress.