Puppy Listening

Puppy Wise: Puppy education program for people !!!!

The first of its kind, Puppy Wise will cover everything you ever need to know to successfully introduce a new puppy into your home and family.

This innovative program has been developed and will be presented by Lynne Fitzsimmons of K9Wavelength and Fun4Paws.

The Puppy Wise program will answer all your concerns about  adding a new puppy to your family and provide you with the information YOU need to get it right from the start.

A holistic approach to puppies and dogs, this program has been developed from a knowledge and understanding of the dog unique to Dog Listeners.

Experienced in all aspects of puppy raising, Lynne will guide and facilitate you to intergrate your new puppy into your life regardless of breed or the make up of your family.

The information and understanding you will gain from this 6 week program will assist you for the life of the puppy. It is also relevent to all the other dogs that you have in your life.

The content of the Puppy Wise program will cover the instinct and nature of your pup. General health, grooming and behaviour management strategies will be taught.
You will have the opportunity to gain a complete understanding of your puppy and it’s actions and be equipped to respond in a simple, calm manner to give all the right information so that your puppy becomes a calm, content, happy member of your family.

Your puppy will look to you for guidance at every turn and be confident with its place in the world and go on to achieve the goals you set.

Your puppy will not be required to attend the first 5 classes. At the risk of stating the obvious, the puppy is an expert at being a puppy.

It is not the puppy’s actions that we need to address, they are very predictable. It is however very important that YOU learn how to respond in a simple, clear way that the puppy will recognise readily. Learning how to establish a kind, trusting relationship with your pup will be fun, exciting and simple.

There is an individual home visit factored into the program and a copy of The Dog Listener DVD is supplied to remain with you as a teaching tool is also included in the cost of the Puppy Wise program.
The sixth class will included the puppies if they are ready and looking to you for leadership and guidance. This will be discussed at your 1-on-1 home visit.

The Puppy Wise program has been developed to allow those of you that have planned for the arrival of your pup to be confident, informed and well equipped from the moment your puppy first arrives.

Those of you that already have a puppy at home and are not managing as well as you hoped, can also attend and learn how to move forward correctly.

Once you have gained the knowledge to Provide Protect and Lead your puppy forward, you and your family will have many years of happy, fun times ahead of you as your puppy grows to be a content, happy member of your pack.

The maximum number of persons attending any given Puppy Wise program will be 6.